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With your support, Variety helps to increase children’s confidence and self-esteem, build life skills and create joyful memories. Children are healthier and happier, and their caregivers feel less stressed.

“It is the most amazing experience I have had when it comes to my children. I know it is hard to ask for help, but when you do, it can be life changing.” Caregiver


of caregivers say that being on Kiwi Kid Sponsorship makes their child feel special and cared about


of caregivers say that they feel less stressed and that overall, their family feels happier because of the financial support they receive


of caregivers say that they feel better about themselves as parents because they are better able to provide for their children

Where your money goes

2021 was a year that saw the generosity of New Zealanders prevail over the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters and the dedication of our Variety whānau, thousands of children and young people are thriving.

Learn more about the impact of your support by reading the reports below.

2023 Annual report

Despite a challenging economic climate, it is heartening to see the effectiveness of Variety’s unique programmes and the genuine regard in which they are held by our community of supporters.

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2022 Annual report

For many families, the cost-of-living crisis has brought new challenges. With the generous support of our community, Variety has helped more caregivers to meet the needs of their children this year.

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2021 Annual report

Poverty is the constant companion of 1 in 5 children in New Zealand. As the number of children and young people living in hardship in Aotearoa grows, so too does demand for our programmes.

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2020 Annual report

2020 has highlighted New Zealanders’ limitless capacity for generosity. Our team of five million found new and ingenious ways to demonstrate kindness to one another.

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2019 Annual report

Today more Kiwi kids live in deprivation with limited access to the basics and opportunities many of us take for granted.

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2018 Annual report

The 2018 year has been a momentous one for Kiwi kids and their families at national and grassroots levels. The government announced policies to assist those most vulnerable in our community and authored the Child Poverty Reduction Bill.

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2017 Annual report

Every child deserves opportunities to achieve their potential. This year, Variety continued to give support to thousands of Kiwi kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, changing their lives for the better.

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Impact report 2021

Variety’s first Kiwi Kid Sponsorship (KKS) survey run in 2021, showed the many benefits that sponsorship brings for children - including improved educational outcomes and family wellbeing.

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Impact Report 2018

An independent analysis of outcomes for children and families supported by Kiwi Kid Sponsorship.

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