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Apply for an Individual Grant

An individual Grant pays for a one-off need such as a bed or cot, the cost of glasses or medical or mobility equipment or assistance, therapy, extracurricular activities or a digital device.

You can apply for an Individual Grant if your child is aged between 0-18.

Application closing dates:

  • January 31st
  • April 30th
  • July 31st
  • October 31st

What will our Individual Grant pay for?


Everyday essentials

Beds and bedding, cots, car seats, clothing, shoes


School costs

Uniforms, stationery, activity fees, school camps, school trips


Extra curricular activities

Swimming lessons, dance lessons, music lessons, sports club fees, sports uniforms


Medical fees

Doctors' fees, prescriptions and glasses, medical and mobility costs



Up to $800 for buying a digital device for school (if your child is 8 years or older).

Can we apply?

You can apply for an Individual Grant if:

  • icon--checkYour child is up to 18 years old
  • icon--checkYour child is a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • icon--checkYour family is finding it hard to pay the bills
What is the process?
Apply online
Complete the online form. Make sure you attach the documents needed for the application. Get started at the bottom of this page.
We review your application
We assess Individual Grant requests four times a year. This happens in February, May, August and November. Individual Grants are carefully assessed. Not everyone who applies will be given a grant.
We let you know
We will send you an email to tell you if your application has been successful. If we award a grant we will either:
  • Send you a Warehouse voucher for the amount you need so you can go and buy it.
  • Ask you for a quote or an invoice to pay for things like after school activities, school trips, uniforms, school uniforms or medical costs. You may have already sent this with your application.
  • Order and pay for a bed or a digital device. These will be sent to you from our suppliers.

What do I need to apply?


Proof of children's identity

A copy of your child's New Zealand birth certificate or New Zealand passport

Group 550

A copy of your child's Resident's Visa


Financial information

A current Community Services Card

Please attach a copy of the card for each caregiver living with your child or children

Group 550
A verified (official) budget sheet from a budgeting agency.

This must be signed and dated by the caregiver and the budgeting agency.

Group 550
Two months of bank statements for every bank account.

You must include statements for your everyday account and your savings account



A quote with the cost of the items you need if you are applying for:
  • After school activities
  • Medical or mobility costs
  • School uniform
  • Apply for an Individual Grant

    Let us answer your questions about Individual Grants.

    Frequently asked questions

    Kiwi Kid Sponsorship provides on-going support or funding for a child's basic needs. An Individual Grant is for a child's specific or extra need such as mobility equipment, therapy, bed, bunks, or extra-curricular costs. If you are still unsure, please contact Variety at or 09 520 4111. We are happy to discuss the options with you and provide advice.
    Individual Grants provide support to assist your child with clothing, shoes, school uniform or school camp, a digital device for learning, beds and cots, medical and mobility needs, or extra-curricular costs such as sports, performing arts, and academic pursuits. Individual Grants are available from $200- $2,000 with the average grant amount awarded $500.
    If your child's school has a Variety School Champion they may be able to assist you in submitting a grant application and getting the documents you require. If you can’t get in touch with your Variety champion or your child’s school does not have one, you can submit an application online.
    Yes. The majority of Individual Grant applications we receive are for digital devices. Typically we prefer to fund Chromebooks, as these are suitable for most schools. Variety funds Chromebooks through our partnership with Noel Leeming. Variety does not fund iPads or MacBooks unless there is a specific reason (diagnosed learning disability with a supporting letter from a doctor or special education advisor) that states such a device is required.
    Individual Grant Applications are reviewed in February, May, August and November. You will be notified of the result of your grant application at the end of the nearest grant month e.g. if applying in September, you will find out if your applications in approved by the end of November.
    Yes, Variety has strict systems and protocols in place to ensure that you and your child's information is protected and kept confidential.
    Group 89More questions? Contact us on 09 520 4111 or

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