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Apply for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship

A sponsor is a caring person who gives money regularly to help pay for the cost of everyday items for your child, like clothing, shoes, bedding, school uniforms and stationery and school camp.

Sponsorship can also help pay for after-school activities like swimming or music lessons. Help with the cost of health care is also possible.

What help will we get?


Everyday essentials

Bedding, clothing, shoes, lunch boxes, drink bottles


School costs

Uniforms, stationery, activity fees, school camps, trips


After school activities

Swimming lessons, dance lessons, music lessons, sports club fees, sports uniforms


Medical fees

Doctors' fees, prescriptions and glasses



Up to $200 for buying a digital device for school

Can I apply?

You can apply for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship if your:

  • icon--checkChild is aged 4 to 17 years old
  • icon--checkChild is a NZ resident or citizen
  • icon--checkFamily is struggling to pay your living costs
What is the process?
Apply online
Complete the online form. Make sure you attach the documents needed for the application. Get started at the bottom of this page.
We find a sponsor for your child
It can take up to 12 months for your child to be matched to a sponsor. Sponsored children receive $450 per year. 
Your sponsor is found
When a sponsor is found, we will email you a Welcome Pack, which includes information on how to access your funds. 
Support through the year
When your child is first sponsored we will send a $100 Warehouse Purchase Order that can be used to buy the things your child needs right now - clothing, shoes and bedding. The balance of your sponsorship can be used throughout the year. You (or your child's school) can send invoices that we pay directly. You do not have to pay any of this money back.

When your child has been on the programme for one year, we will send you a renewal form which you fill in and send back to Variety to show that you want to keep your child on the programme. Your child will then receive funds for the next year.

What do I need to apply?


Proof of children's identity

A copy of your child's New Zealand birth certificate or New Zealand passport.

Group 550

A copy of your child's Resident's Visa


Financial information

Community Services Card

Please attach a copy of the valid card for the caregiver living with your child.

Group 550
A budget sheet from a budgeting agency

This must be signed and dated by the caregiver and the budgeting agency.

Group 550
Your last 2 months' bank statements

You must include the statements for every bank account, i.e. your everyday account and your savings account.



Recent colour photo of your child

Apply for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship now

Let us answer your questions about Kiwi Kid Sponsorship.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. You can apply for all of the children in your care aged 4 to 17.
Once your application has been reviewed and approved it can take up to 12 months to match a child with a sponsor.
When your child is matched to a sponsor you will receive an email telling you who your sponsor is (first name only), and where abouts in New Zealand they live.
Typically the value of sponsorship is $450 per year.
To know how much funding is available on your child's account, you may do ANY of the following:
  • Check with your child's Variety champion at school. This would be the person at the school office who submits invoices to us on your child's behalf.
  • Log-in to Variety website.
  • Email us at asking for the information, and with your child's name and child ID (e.g. C123456) in the subject line.
When your child is first sponsored we will send a $100 Warehouse Purchase Order that can be used to buy the things your child needs right now - clothing, shoes and bedding . The balance of your sponsorship can be used throughout the year. You (or your child's school) can send invoices that we pay directly.
A school champion is someone in your school who can help you apply for sponsorship or send claims to Variety for payment on your behalf.
If there is no School Champion in your child's school, please send your invoices to for payment. Be sure to include your child's full details such as their name and if you have it, the child ID (e.g. C123456) as well.
Each year we will ask you to 1) send a new photo of your child for us to share with their sponsor 2) confirm your address, and 3) your child to compete an 'about me' update. If you do not provide the information we require your child will not keep their sponsorship.
Your child can be sponsored until they are 18 years old or they no longer go to school, or your circumstances change and you do not need support from Variety. You must renew your child’s sponsorship each year to access another year of funding- this does not happen automatically. If your child is still at school their sponsorship will end at the next renewal date after their 18th birthday. If they leave school before 18 years, but are doing a NZQA credited course, they will still receive sponsorship.
Clothing, shoes, school stationery, school activities (camp/sports), bedding, digital devices (up to $200)
The funds only expire when your child reaches 18 years of age, or if your circumstances change and you no longer need support from Variety.
Yes, Variety has strict systems and protocols in place to ensure that you and your child's information is protected and kept confidential.
Group 89 More questions? Contact us on 09 520 4111 or

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