Crisis Appeal

Variety launches a Crisis Appeal in response to new shock statistics from StatsNZ

With one-in-eight children currently living in material hardship (StatsNZ), New Zealand families are at crisis point. That’s 143,700 children going without the essentials they need to thrive. And 2,500 of these children are on our waiting list for a sponsor.


Some of the children on our waiting list, like Sue’s, have been waiting for up to a year.

Over the Christmas period, Variety received a heartbreaking voicemail from Sue. In it, she expresses her overwhelming gratitude for a $150 voucher – a one-off gift that we were able to provide to children on our waiting list thanks to the generosity of our donors and corporate partners. For this family, $150 felt like $150,000. Without help from Variety, their Christmas wouldn’t have been possible. The situation is desperate

The vouchers provided some light at the end of the tunnel for Sue’s family. "It made me cry,” she says. “I wish I had captured my children’s faces when they opened the fridge to see a block of cheese and other food. Our Christmas did happen because someone out there cared enough. Thank you.”

Sponsorship has the power to change lives for children like Sue’s. By giving $50 a month, you will open a whole new world of opportunities for these children – from learning materials and extracurricular activities to suitable clothes and shoes, you’ll be ensuring they aren’t left behind their peers. 

Variety Crisis Appeal

Sue talks to The AM Show…

Sadly, Sue’s isn’t an isolated story…

Moana and Saxon’s mother, Teuila, has also run out of places to turn. Unable to work because she’s too sick and continually forced to move her family due to constant rent hikes, Teuila is burdened with additional worry for the future of her two children. 

At just 10 years old, Moana has attended three different primary schools in the past two years alone. “I’m the new girl all the time,” she says, “sometimes I feel invisible.” 

Due to circumstances out of their control, the family of three barely scrapes by. At only 13, Saxon does his best to support his mother and sister. He stacks shelves at a friend’s shop after school before heading home after dark to juggle housework, his mum’s care and homework. Meanwhile, Moana misses school to care for her mum on days that she is particularly sick. “If I had a wish from a genie, I would make Mum’s cancer go away,” she says, “I’m scared that Mum might have to go away or go into hospital again, and we won’t have anyone to look after us.” 

Teuila is thankful that she has the best kids on the planet who never complain, but she wishes things were better. “They deserve proper clothing, bedding and shoes,” she says, “we are really suffering right now. I know I need help; I just wish I didn’t.” 

Will you help us at this time of crisis?

More and more caregivers are turning to Variety for help, and most would never have imagined being in a position where they would need us. Caregivers like Sue and Teuila, who wish they didn’t need help but can’t bear to see their children suffer. All it takes is one illness, one job loss, one rent rise to leave a family in a desperate situation.

Too many of our children and young people are suffering the impact of New Zealand's ‘cost-of-survival crisis’ right now. Help us to build a society in which all Kiwi kids can thrive, become a sponsor today. 

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