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Holly and Joseph's story

Holly (7) and Joseph (6) adore school. Late January is their favourite time of year – they’re always itching to go back to school and see their friends.

But their mum, Anna, dreads the end of summer holidays. “Every year it’s a struggle when the kids go back to school,” she explains. “I am only able to buy the bare minimum at the start. New uniforms are expensive… so I have to go for second-hand, but they don’t always fit the kids.”

Every year, Holly and Joseph beg to enrol in sports or dance. But every year, Anna feels awful – she just can’t afford it. “It’s hard when they both want to, and I have to say no to one of them. It’s heartbreaking.”

You can support kids just like Holly and Joseph by donating to our Back to School Appeal now. Your support will provide uniforms, stationery, extra-curricular costs, and other essentials young Kiwis desperately need.