Active Me – Kia Tū

Active Me - Kia Tū is a fund created in partnership with Sport NZ. It’s designed to get Kiwi kids involved in play, activities, and sports – so they can participate in the things they love to do.

Through Active Me - Kia Tū, children and young people receiving Kiwi Kid Sponsorship get an additional $300 per year to help get them active and moving.

How can I use

Active Me - Kia Tū?

Use Active Me - Kia Tū to help your child or young person be more active.

There are lots of way to do this.

Gear and equipment

Balls, bats, mouthguards, shinpads, kneepads, elbowpads, helmets.


Sport and club fees

Registration fees, coaching fees, competition fees, transport to competitions.

Sport clothing

Club and team uniforms, activewear, kits, gear.

Tools for play

Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerskates, rollerblades, swing sets, trampolines.

Any activity costs!

Active Me - Kia Tū can be used in any way to support a child or young person to be active.

Can I apply?

Your child needs to be on Kiwi Kid Sponsorship to get Active Me - Kia tū.

Then they will get $300 to spend on activities they love.

You can apply for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship if your:

  • icon--checkChild is aged 4 to 17 years old
  • icon--checkChild is a NZ resident or citizen
  • icon--checkFamily is struggling to pay your living costs

Get your kids moving with Active Me – Kia Tū!

Here are some ways you can use Active Me – Kia Tū to encourage your kids to be active every day in as many ways as possible – while keeping it fun!

Have any questions about Active Me – Kia Tū?

Frequently asked questions

If you think Active Me – Kia Tū would benefit your child, you need to apply for the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme.

Active Me – Kia Tū funds will be automatically given to a child when they get a sponsor on the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme.

Active Me – Kia Tū gives you $300 of funding each year to spend on your child’s physical activity.

This fund can be used in different ways to help your child or young person be more active.

Kids can be physically active through sports, after-school clubs or groups, or playing with friends.

Your child can use Active Me – Kia Tū funding for swimming, running, cycling, dancing, kapa haka, football, netball, basketball, tennis, hockey, athletics, yoga, martial arts, skate boarding, and any other activities they are interested in.

You can access Active Me funding in the same way that you access your child’s Kiwi Kid Sponsorship funding.
There are four easy ways:

  • Log into your Variety account and make a claim for what you need - for example, fees, equipment for play, or active wear

  • Email an invoice to for no more than $300. Put Active Me in the subject line. We will pay the invoice directly to the provider


  • Email us at to request a Warehouse Purchase order or Rebel Sport e-gift card for no more than $300. Put Active Me in the subject line

  • Ask your School Champion to submit a claim to Variety via our website.
The funds only expire when your child reaches 18 years of age, or if your circumstances change and you no longer need support from Variety.
Yes, Variety has strict systems and protocols in place to ensure that you and your child's information is protected and kept confidential.
Check your child’s Active Me – Kia Tū balance by logging into your Variety account and clicking ‘My children’.
Variety and Sport NZ want Kiwi kids get involved in play, activities, and sports - so they can do the things they love to do.
We believe our kids are healthiest and happiest when they are involved in activities they really enjoy…and we don’t think they should miss out on any chance to participate because of cost.
KKS is Variety’s sponsorship programme, and every child on KKS now also gets Active Me – Kia Tū funding. While KKS helps pay for basic essentials like shoes, clothing and school related costs, Active Me Kia Tū pays for kids to get active!

Kiwi Kid Sponsorship pays for…Active Me pays for…
Clothing and shoesRegistration, lesson and coaching fees
Extra-curricular activities: school and clubSports clothing and sports shoes
Bedding, blankets and towelsEquipment for sport and activities:
swimming costumes, goggles, gloves etc.
School uniforms and stationery Bikes, skateboards, scooters and helmets
School campCompetition fees
Chromebooks (up to $200)Transport to competitions
Medical costsTeam uniforms and costumes
No, you can make as many Active Me – Kia Tū claims as you want until you have spent your child’s $300. You have 12 months to spend the $300 funding for each child.
Variety can offer Active Me – Kia Tū funding for two years to all children on Kiwi Kid Sponsorship. Children will get $300 this year (2023) and another $300 next year (2024).
No, it is only available to individual children aged 4-18 currently on Kiwi Kid Sponsorship and any other children joining Kiwi Kid Sponsorship.
Group 89 More questions? Contact us on 09 520 4111 or

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